iWave Thrilled to be Named Give Back Nation’s Exclusive Expert Sourcing Partner for Wealth Screening

Charlottetown, 15 October 2019 – iWave, the industry’s top-rated prospect research platform is happy to partner with Give Back Nation as its Expert Sourcing Partner for Wealth Screening. Give Back Nation is a one-stop giving and fundraising hub and national 501(c)(3) community foundation. After vetting and considering other platforms and solutions in the nonprofit technology space, they have chosen iWave as their exclusive partner. 

“Give Back Nation is thrilled to share iWave’s dynamic wealth screening capabilities with the organizations we serve and support,” said Kyle Gregory, CEO and Co-Founder of Give Back Nation. “Leveraging their comprehensive and cross-referenced data suite with billions of records, iWave dramatically impacts organizations of all sizes and we are excited to select them as an Expert Sourcing Partner.” 

The partnership will highlight a collaborative effort to help and support nonprofits looking to take their fundraising to the next level. Give Back Nation aims to help organizations and individuals receive hands-on coaching, training and customizable access to online and on-site fundraising tools, grant writing, strategic planning, event management, donor management, workplace giving, donor advised funds, wealth screening, planned giving and more. For wealth screening, they recommend iWave to any size organization looking for accurate wealth and philanthropic information on prospects and donors. 

One of the reasons GBN selected iWave was because iWave’s Screening. iWave’s Screening is built on a foundation of customization and transparency that is the first of its kind. It enables development departments to segment hundreds or thousands of individuals they know little about, into a prioritized list of prospects with the greatest capacity and inclination to donate a major gift to their organization. iWave’s fresh approach gives teams the confidence that they’re asking the right person, for the right amount, at the right time.

“The iWave team is excited to be selected as a GBN Expert Sourcing Partner to expand our impact,” said Trent Beattie, VP Channels & Strategic Alliances at iWave. “We look forward to empowering more organizations with accurate information to increase prospect development efficiency and effectiveness.”

About Give Back Nation: Headquartered in Orlando, FL and founded in 2006, Give Back Nation is your one-stop Giving & Fundraising Hub and national 501(c)(3) community foundation creating bigger waves of impact across the country. In 2018 alone, GBN, its affiliates and its partners helped give back over $316 million to over 440 nonprofits and helped generate over $1.6 billion in planned gifts. GBN serves and supports motivated nonprofits, forward-thinking businesses, top-tier financial advisors, passionate celebrities, impactful professional athletes and Giving Americans with an arsenal of tools, knowledge, coaching, strategy and implementation. Learn more at

About iWave: iWave is the industry’s top-rated fundraising intelligence platform. Their prospect research and wealth screening solutions help you identify top prospects and determine their capacity and inclination to give to your cause. Using iWave you can present the right ask to the right person at the right time, empowering you to fundraise with confidence. Since 1991, over 6000 clients have used iWave to power their development efforts. Book a demo today.

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