iWave Once Again Named the Top-Rated Provider of Fundraising Intelligence Solutions

CHARLOTTETOWN, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, CANADA, October 25, 2021 – iWavethe industry’s leading fundraising intelligence platform, has once again topped the list of the G2’s Fall 2021 Grid Report and Momentum Grid Report for Donor Prospect Research. They are the highest rated solution by their clients for their high level of customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend ratings from real iWave users on G2, the world’s leading business solutions review website. This honour comes on the heels of iWave also being awarded three Titans Business Awards for excelling in customer service. Their commitment to their clients is reflected in these honours, a testament to their continued focus on customer experience and satisfaction.

With 217 reviews, iWave outperformed all other fundraising intelligence and donor research solutions. With a score of 92 in overall satisfaction, iWave outperformed DonorSearch at 73 and WealthEngine at 60, clearly ranking it the best and easiest to use fundraising solution available to nonprofit organizations. iWave also led the G2 Momentum Grid Report with a Momentum Grid Score of 82, up two points from the last report, and outperforming DonorSearch at 68 and WealthEngine at 35. The G2 Momentum score is a reflection of employee growth, reviews, social presence, web growth and year-over-year change. 

“We are very proud of the positive feedback we continue to receive from our clients,” said iWave President and CEO Ross Beattie. “We strive to make our clients our number one priority, so they can keep advancing their mission. We also consistently invest in product enhancements, and stay ahead as the industry leader with first of their kind innovations and robust integrations”.

“We measure our success by the experience we create for our clients; we push ourselves to be responsive and informative. It is an honour to be recognized and to know that we are helping them make the world a better place” said iWave Director of Client Success, Penny Rennie.

What Real Users Say About iWave:

“iWave has significantly increased our internal capacity for fundraising at a scale that will sustain the organization. The iWave tools are incredibly powerful for any nonprofit to bring their game to an A-level, and allows organizations to better know donors, prospective donors and other funding sources including granting organizations and matching gift eligibility. From the sale to training to customer support, I have received the most excellent and qualified attention from iWave staff. I cannot wait to spend more time and explore ways for iWave to optimize philanthropy to our organization.”

“iWave has the most comprehensive, easy to use wealth prospecting information on the market. From the 360 review for individuals to the foundation and corporate modules, everything is there. They assemble so much information and then compile it into a fairly easy to use review system. Even when I’ve left organizations and moved on, I usually go back to iWave and bring them onboard as my preferred provider. Also, the customer service and support is always prompt, friendly, helpful and outstanding. The people that work on their team are really wonderful.” 

“Easy to use and very user friendly. You can get a quick financial prospect review in a matter of minutes! If more detailed reporting is needed, you can always start with this quick profile and add more gift information. So easy to use and the speed is amazing!

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About iWave:

iWave, the industry’s top-rated fundraising intelligence platform, enables nonprofit organizations to fundraise with confidence. In a new era of nonprofit fundraising, iWave solves critical challenges facing fundraising professionals today: how to identify, qualify and retain donors to raise more major gifts. iWave’s intuitive and easy-to-use solutions give access to the industry’s highest quality wealth and philanthropic information so you can determine who to ask, how much to ask for, and when to ask. Since 1991, over 6000 clients, including many of the largest education, healthcare and nonprofit organizations in the world, have relied on iWave to power their fundraising efforts.

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