iWave Introduces the Addition of Manifold Data to PRO

Manifold Canadian Real Estate Value for iWave PRO
For the first time, PRO provides estimated property values for Canadian real estate.

Charlottetown, January 20, 2015 – Prospect research in Canada just got easier. Prospect Research Online (PRO) is now able to offer users deeper insight into Canadian prospects and donors with the addition of a new data source from Manifold Data Mining Inc. (Manifold).  Within PRO, users will be able to see estimated Canadian property values, estimated annual household income, and an estimated value of charitable donations by household.  Manifold gathers this information using 6-digit Canadian postal codes.

For PRO users, the addition of Manifold data means access to more accurate PROfiles and capacity ratings for Canadian prospects and donors.  Anyone who has tried to determine a prospective donor’s gift capacity knows that real estate values are key to understanding the individual’s financial assets.  In many cases, it’s the only wealth indicator that is publicly available.  For prospects and donors in Canada though, real estate information is not public so finding a starting point for capacity ratings gets much harder.  Until now.

Manifold provides estimated Canadian property values, annual income, and annual charitable donations based on 6-digit Canadian postal code.  And they’re much more accurate than one would think.  There are 782,000 residential postal codes in Canada and each postal code represents an average of only 15 houses.   Thus, when users view a property value, annual household income, or value of charitable donations, they are viewing an average or median value of only 15 houses in that postal code.  The Canadian property value is derived from Census data which is adjusted to the market value using real estate statistics from the Canadian and Regional Real Estate Associations.  The estimations for income and charitable donations are also based on Census data that is adjusted based on employment stats, wages, inflation, and other predictive analytics.

“We decided to partner with Manifold to provide deeper insight into Canadian prospects for PRO users.  For many, this was a void in the market, and a piece of the puzzle they simply couldn’t access.  With this information Canadian PROfiles and capacity scores will be more accurate,” said Mark MacBeth, VP of Information Technology at iWave.

PRO users will find the Manifold demographic data within the PROfiles of Canadian prospects, under the PROscore tab.  To retrieve this information all users need is the postal code of the individual’s Canadian residence.

About Manifold Data Mining, Inc.:

Headquartered out of Toronto, ON, Manifold is one of Canada’s leading data and analytical service providers.  They provide data mining services to analyze clients’ data and help them transform data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into powerful business strategies that improve return on investment.  They are specialized in applying cutting-edge data mining techniques to help users gain insights into their existing customers/donors and unearth more high potential prospects.

About iWave Information Systems, Inc.:

For 25 years, iWave Information Systems has been delivering software solutions that empower education, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations to raise more major gifts, faster.  These tools are a proven asset for fundraising departments of any size. From Ivy league schools like Yale and Stanford, to healthcare and arts organizations like Doctors Without Borders and the Smithsonian Institution, iWave has assisted over 6000 organizations in the United States, Canada, and overseas.

Jill McCarville
Marketing & Communications Manager
iWave Information Systems

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