iWave Identified By G2 Crowd As A Top Canadian Tech Company

G2 Crowd is a peer-to-peer website that allows product users of business software to rate and review their products. In December of 2017, they looked at the ever-growing Canadian tech scene. With over 1,500 tech companies in Canada, G2 Crowd mentioned the country is positioning itself to become a global leader in the start-up space.

Through 4,700 verified user reviews of Canadian tech companies, G2 Crowd listed the top 25 in terms of consumer reviews. The rankings are a representation of customer satisfaction and all come from verified product users. What is notable about verified reviews is they act as one of the highest forms of social proof.

Guess what? iWave made the list!

With over 120 verified reviews, iWave had one of the highest satisfaction rates of any Canadian company (and any donor prospect research software!). iWave gets its praise for its ease of setup and the ease of admin. Users recognize the simplicity of the features, especially the ability to consolidate and sort data. As many iWave customers know, iWave allows users to filter and prioritize potential donor prospects based on a number of different features and datasets. For example, users can see a donor’s philanthropic history which helps give insight to their affinity for different causes.

To read the full article, click on over to G2 Crowd.

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About the author: Patrick Bryden is iWave’s Marketing Manager.  From creating pitch decks for Nike and Mattel to starting his own water bottle company, Patrick brings over five years of marketing experience to iWave. With a strong interest in creative problem solving and finding efficiencies in everyday processes, Patrick’s never met a challenge he hasn’t liked.


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