iWave 2021 Year In Review

It was another successful year at iWave, with more industry-first innovations than ever before!  

Multi-Lens Scoring

Work smarter, not harder with iWave’s Multi-Lens Scoring. Screening in the traditional sense has been used to identify and prioritize major gifts prospects, but that meant our clients were only really leveraging the top 20% of their screening file. You know the importance of major gifts and wealth, but there’s more to fundraising than just those aspects. iWave created Multi-Lens scoring so you may look at your screening file or database through multiple lenses so you end up leveraging 80% of your file instead of 20%.

Foundation and Company Screening

Screening has been around for decades but has only ever been done on an individual level. iWave set out to solve that challenge and implemented the first-ever Foundation and Company Screening. Giving to foundations and companies has been on a steady incline over the past couple of years. Foundation giving itself grew more than any other type of giving to 19% of total charitable donations, the largest it’s ever been! While we did see a decline in corporate giving through the pandemic, it is expected to turn around as we settle into our new normal.

Planned Giving Scores and Analytics

Giving by bequests is up 10%. The average value of generational wealth transfers comes to a whopping $350 billion per year. In a typical year, about 2 million households get either inheritances or sizeable gifts, according to the Fed’s Survey of Consumer Finances. Much like foundation and company giving, planned giving has really taken off in fundraising recently. Existing planned giving scores were either manual or only focused on capacity and age. We knew we needed to deliver a solution to aid our clients in reimagining their planned giving programs since there are many more indicators that play a role in planned giving.

Smart Alerts

Staying up to date with your donors’ and prospects’ activities is a top priority for fundraisers. Alerts can help with prioritization, cultivation, and stewarding your donors. Smart Alerts are actionable intelligence that allows you to track significant changes, such as real estate fluctuation, on your donors and prospects that iWave detects from key data sources, such as CoreLogic.  Smart Alerts allow users to receive the most up-to-date fundraising intelligence.  With Smart Alerts enabled on iWave’s Intelligent Profiles, fundraisers have access to actionable information to identify trends, shape the right messaging for cultivation, and time their outreach effectively.

Granular Affinities
Enhanced Screening
Customizable Profiles
iWave offers a robust and flexible selection of affinities. This comprehensive list includes 17 main categories, 6 of which can be expanded into related subcategories. For example, we expanded Human Services to include 9 additional subcategories such as Family Services, Personal Services, and Youth Development, to name a few!
  • Customized templates for increased efficiency
  • New sort and filter functionality
  • Faster processing times 
iWave gives you the ability to build custom profile export templates directly within the platform, so you can export customized .pdf files   to share  with your team.

Integrations and Partnerships

We have many great partnerships at iWave, including over 40 consulting partners and 10 technology partners. We were excited to add a few more to the roster in 2021. We also did a huge enhancement to our Salesforce integration this year that enabled us to deliver even more fundraising intelligence directly into Salesforce. Another notable integration we introduced is DonorPerfect, something that a lot of our mutual client base was looking forward to having.

2021 Statistics

  • Over 12,000 webinar registrants
  • Partnered with over 40 consultants and fundraising professionals
  • Participated in over 50 events
  • Fresh new educational content
  • New case studies
  • Net promoter score +60 (22.5% higher than next ranked competitor)
  • 160% increase in users since 2018
  • Awards including a Silver Stevie, three Titan Business Awards, reviewed as top donor prospect research provider on G2 for seven consecutive quarters, and nominated for an Edison Award!

What’s in Store for 2022

  • iWave Connections
  • Prospect List Building
  • Obituary Data
  • New Integrations

Want more? Check our our iWave 2021 Year in Review Webinar!

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