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Charlottetown, 18 July 2018 – iWave, the industry’s top-rated prospect research platform, has some big news to announce.  Starting July 18, 2018, iWave Information Systems is implementing new branding.

iWave’s new branding, which includes our name and logos, will be reflected in the product interface, support center, marketing materials, and billing documents, among other areas. As iWave continues to expand its product suite, new offerings for our customers will reflect these changes.

The two main branding updates are changing iWave Information Systems simply to iWave, and renaming our flagship product, Prospect Research Online (PRO) also to iWave.  

iWave’s primary goals with this rebranding are simplification and improved clarity for our clients.  These changes encompass the functionality and usability of iWave’s flagship product while representing a broader range of features across research, wealth screening, etc.  The desire is branding that reflects the beliefs of the company and our products.  

We are also implementing a new tagline, ’Fundraise With Confidence’.  This new tagline is designed to embody the fundamental mission of iWave; to provide nonprofit organizations access to the best philanthropic, wealth, and behavioral data available so they can fundraise with confidence and accomplish even more of the good they do, faster.  With iWave, development teams know they’re asking the right person, for the right amount, at the right time.

For the past five years, iWave has experienced significant growth while delivering a powerful data-driven software solution to clients. As iWave continues to grow and expand its product offerings and scope, its focus remains on providing its clients with industry-leading products.

iWave clients can rest assured that although the names have changed, they will experience no change in our products or services.  There is no action required, and changes to the iWave branding will not impact the user’s in-product experience or performance.

About iWave — iWave, the industry’s the top-rated prospect research platform.  Our solutions enable development departments to fundraise with confidence and determine who to ask, how much to ask for, and when to ask.  Since 1991, clients from the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world have depended on iWave to power their development efforts.

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