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Fundraising is vital for nonprofits to grow and achieve new goals, and the most successful fundraising campaigns call for the very best tools. You’re probably searching for the perfect fundraising platform for your NYC nonprofit organization, and you’ve come to the right place.

Fundraising in the city comes with an array of unique challenges requiring a diverse platform that can change and grow to match your specific needs. At iWave, we cater to NYC nonprofits and can help you save time, resources, and energy all while uncovering the best potential donors for your cause.

How Can Our Fundraising Platform Help Your NYC Nonprofit?

Our fundraising software is designed to do the hard work for you. Instead of spending valuable time combing through various documents and forms to discover potential donors, our platform does it all for you. Such capabilities free up more time you can spend out in the field, spreading your organization’s message.

Our technology analyzes billions of datapoints to provide you with a list of the best donors in your area. We analyze propensity to give as well as a history of charitable giving, so you can see who is more likely to donate to your specific cause.

For example, if you work for a hospital, we’ll show you who has given to medical organizations in the past. We can also take former patients and show you who has the greatest ability to give, so you can turn a grateful patient into a lifelong donor.

The best part is we’ll show you how much to ask for, so you’ll be able to go into your meeting with extra confidence and leave knowing no money was left on the table.

Continual Growth and Success

Being part of a nonprofit in one of the biggest cities on Earth, you understand the need to constantly evolve in order to stay relevant. Your fundraising software technology should do the same—that’s why we continue to revolutionize our next-generation platform.

Since its creation, our fundraising software has undergone many changes to make it easier to use, more responsive, and more comprehensive. Our latest version continues this sentiment by allowing you to take our platform on the go with you.

Whether you’re taking the subway to your next meeting or are heading to a charity event, you want to make sure all your information is accurate. When you need to view information quickly, access iWave via your smartphone. Our app is designed to put the power directly in your hands no matter where the road takes you. We know life in the city is constantly moving and so is our software.

Supporting Your NYC Nonprofit Every Step of the Way

At iWave, our team members have a passion for charitable giving. We’re successful when you’re successful, so we offer support and guidance as you work to make the most of our software.

We’ll work with you to learn about your nonprofit’s specifics needs and mission and then show you how to tailor your user experience to meet your goals. From how to make events more successful to how to kick off a capital campaign, our software adapts to your fundraising needs.

Our aim is to grow alongside your organization, so we’ll answer all your questions in real-time as they arise. As you set new goals and surpass your current ones, we’ll be right there with you.

How We Helped a NYC Nonprofit Succeed

Ready to see what iWave can do? Learn how we helped one of our biggest NYC nonprofits succeed.  We’ve worked in tandem with this organization to maximize fundraising and help them achieve their goals.

What Was Their Goal?

This NYC nonprofit organization helps individuals and families lead more rewarding lives. They offer social and health services, cultural and educational programs, and community involvement programs to provide the area with the long-term aid they need. Their team is comprised of volunteers, educators, artists, social workers, students, and therapists all working to help better their community.

What Were Their Challenges?

The organization’s Director of Development, Public Relations, and Communication oversees prospective donor research, writing grants, and managing fundraising events—clearly, she has a lot on her plate!

With 10 different programs at their organization, it was a lot of subject matter to address. She found that these tasks absorbed so much of her valuable time. The main challenge for her was finding the proper donor to match the specific program area to ensure she was maximizing her fundraising potential.

How Did iWave Help the Director and Her Team?

When she started working with iWave, we immediately lessened her workload by conducting the research for her. Our organized datasets showed her which donors would be best for each project by scanning their history of giving. Our fundraising platform saved valuable time, so this busy director could invest more of her energy in organizing fun and fruitful charity events.

Perhaps the most useful tool for her has been our foundation’s database provided by GuideStar. This resource allows her to build a list of local foundations along with the nonprofits they award grants to and the grant application guidelines. This has enabled her small team to streamline their process and find donors who align with their specific mission easier.

In the past years, we’ve helped this nonprofit raise over $1,300,000, empowering their community overall and enabling them to get more work done. What could your nonprofit do with funds like that?

See our Fundraising Software in Action Today!

Come see for yourself why iWave is the top fundraising software for NYC nonprofits. We offer free assessments, so you can see how our platform can improve your fundraising efforts ahead of time. Contact us to schedule yours today.

We cater to all our clients individually and are happy to show you how our next-generation platform can help your specific New York City needs.  What can you achieve with iWave by your side? Find out today!

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