Key Takeaways from Fundraising During A Crisis Webinar

In case you missed it, we participated in a webinar this week with some of the brightest minds in the fundraising industry to discuss topics surrounding fundraising during a crisis.

During times of crisis, there is uncertainty for how fundraisers can and should continue to raise funds for the causes they work for and support. It’s understandable that everyone has questions during times of uncertainty.  On March 17th, iWave joined the brightest minds in the fundraising industry in a webinar on the best practices for adaption to crisis and what actions can be taken to lead to positive impact.   

With each participant hailing from a different background and expertise, each topic sheds light on how nonprofit professionals can navigate through these uncertain times. 

Here are the topics covered by each participant: 

  • Fundraising Continuity During Times of Ambiguity (Betsy Chapin Taylor, Accordant)
  • Leveraging Alumni Networks and Community During A Crisis (Daniel Cohen, Graduway)
  • Managing A Fundraising Team During Crisis (Chris Biehn, Washburn & McGoldrick)
  • Creating a New Normal – A Fundraiser’s Daily Life (Karin George, Washburn & McGoldrick)
  • Redefining Donor Profiles in Turbulent Times (Trent Beattie, iWave)
  • Crisis Communications for Donors (John Brodeur, Brodeur Partners)

The webinar provided clear and concise thoughts as well as actionable takeaways all nonprofit professionals would benefit from. A few thoughts that stood out were:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask though be sensitive in how you do it.
  • If you are now managing a virtual fundraising team you need to do some things differently.
  • Now is the time to fine-tune your fundraising and prospect research strategy by leveraging data to better target your potential donors. 

At iWave, we very much appreciate being asked to participate in this event and would encourage all of our blog readers to watch the recording, if they haven’t done so already.


Watch the recording of this webinar here. 

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