How Can Fundraisers Use Digital Practices?

When it comes to modern-day fundraising, the possibilities are endless. Physical events are an exciting way to involve the community, but person-to-person contact may not always be the best option if you want to cast a wide net. Where local fundraisers may only reach a certain range of people, digital practices can help expand your mission quickly and effectively.

In this modern digital world, fundraising from the comfort of home isn’t just an option—it’s encouraged. Let’s see how you can raise funds from anywhere—even your smartphone—and broaden your digital horizons.

Revamp Your Old Process: Go Digital

Going out into the community to get the funds your nonprofit needs can be time consuming. Fundraising digitally, on the other hand, can save time and resources. You can easily reach the donors you need through email campaigns or via social media.

Crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe are full of success stories. Businesses and product lines have been built from the ground up on these platforms. However, many nonprofits have seen incredible success on these sites, too.

With crowdfunding and social media campaigns, you cast a wide net that expands visibility across the globe. If you can find like-minded philanthropists and organizations to signal-boost that campaign for you? Even better.

How to Communicate with Prospective Donors

Speaking of finding like-minded philanthropists and organization, digital communications makes it much easier. Reach prospective donors across the world through formal email or video conference calls. While it’s a big world, technology can make it feel a little smaller, eliminating geographical constraints and allowing you to quickly reach your audience no matter where they’re located.

Online Fundraising Ideas

There are so many events that can take place online, helping you reach a wider audience with a bit of flair. When more people hear your message, you can spread your mission further and take your organization to new heights.

Try to think outside the box in how you’re going to raise money. Events are meant to engage your audience, educate new supporters, and help you receive the gifts your organization needs to continue expanding. You can have a great time while also raising money during the following events:

  • Virtual Gala
  • Online auction
  • Virtual discussions
  • Crowdfunding page
  • Social media event
  • Online Game Tournament

What Type of Virtual Events Can You Host?

When it comes to fundraisers there are two main types:

  • Time-Based: Here, campaigns are limited to a certain number of days, weeks, or months. When the event ends, so do donations.
  • Year-Round: This is open-ended fundraising occurring at any time without a designated end point. Year-round fundraising is usually distinguished by milestone markers.

For example, an online auction is time-based since the person with the highest bid in a certain time frame wins the prize. At the end of the auction, all the funds raised are collected for your organization.

However, if you’re trying to raise money for a new building, a year-round fundraiser is likely going to be the best fit. Your campaign can last as long as you need it to in order to gain the donations required to enact your plans.

What Digital Tools Do You Need for Your Fundraiser?

Every fundraising event—whether offline or online—needs the right tools. When you’re fundraising online, it’s important you have the right digital resources for your audience.

A personal website updating your goals and mission can help show the community what your nonprofit stands for and the changes you’ve already enacted. You should also post regular updates for your crowdfunding campaign, so supporters can know how their gifts have been utilized. Updating a social media platform weekly with news and events makes people more likely to follow your work and attend your fundraisers.

On that note, you need to have the right tech setup to communicate clearly with people across the world. Video conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts are invaluable for fundraising events and meetings.

You Can Fundraise from Home!

You’ve laid the groundwork for your nonprofit, now it’s time to get in on the digital fundraising fun. As thought leaders in the fundraising community, iWave works hard to help organizations like yours think outside the box. Check out our webinars today to learn more ways to revamp your fundraising strategy. You can also reach out to request a free demo!

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