Coming Soon: Prospecting Made Easy

Have you ever felt like your lack of donor pipeline is limiting the success of your organization?

We understand that prospecting is the lifeblood of any great development team, but identifying new prospects continues to be one of the most challenging aspects of growing a fundraising portfolio.

Your organization is likely already conducting prospect research to find qualified prospects who have the capacity to make a significant gift and have an interest in your organization’s mission. And you’re probably employing a combination of tactics to find new donors, including:

  • Leveraging your existing network of board members, volunteers, staff, and other contacts to secure new referrals
  • Using social media to attract new followers
  • Organizing fundraising events to raise awareness for your cause and secure new funding

Regardless of your approach, one thing is certain—prospecting can be a daunting experience for your team. To develop a solid list of individuals that your organization can engage with, it can take hours, days, even weeks of planning, research and execution. Once you have a list of potential donors, you also need the proper contact information to connect with them and other insights into the individual to develop the right engagement strategy.

While none of the donor identification tactics mentioned above are going away in the foreseeable future, iWave is excited to announce that soon, fundraising teams will have access to a new way to fuel their donor pipeline. We’re talking about a new feature that will multiply your ideal donors with minimal effort. By leveraging AI technology, you will only need 15 minutes or less to define your prospecting parameters, instead of days or weeks to develop your pipeline. iWave will then identify potential donors who have given to similar causes, resemble your best donors, and provide their contact information so that you can engage with them right away! Not only does this reduce the time spent, but increases the engagement opportunity with potential donors.

We get it: your organization needs to build a solid pipeline and raise more donations—and this is not going to change. But, prospecting doesn’t have to be a difficult and tedious process. Stay tuned for an exciting new release, coming soon!

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