Estimated CANADIAN PROPERTY VALUES Now Available in PRO!

Within Prospect Research Online (PRO), you can now search estimated Canadian property values, courtesy of Manifold Data Mining Inc.

Exact property values are not available in Canada due to the country’s strict privacy laws.  But Manifold’s new estimates have, are, and will continue to change the prospect research game in the Great White North.

These property values are estimated based on a 6-digit Canadian postal code.  Each code represents an average of 12 households. Clients have told us that the values can be very accurate.  So what are you waiting for?

To start using this new system:

  • Select the Real Estate tab in PRO
  • Select the Canada tab
  • Enter a specific postal code or other filter criteria
  • View estimated property value, household income, & household charitable donations

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For the past 5 months, we have been using these Canadian property values in our screening tool, PROscreen, and clients north and south of the border have screened over 100,000 Canadian prospects.

And this isn’t all!  Stay tuned in the next few months when we announce the addition of 2 NEW DATA SOURCES that also contain Canadian records!

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