APRA Prospect Development Conference 2019 Was Hot! (And Not Just Because of That Phoenix Sun)

Every year we circle this conference on our calendar in anticipation and this year’s #ApraPD2019 event in Phoenix certainly did not disappoint! Each member of the iWave team who attended came back energized and full of ideas after having met so many of our clients from across the globe. Based on the number of questions and feedback we had regarding our iWave Screening tool, including the new Insights feature, it seems as though nonprofit organizations of all sizes are more and more focused on finding the hidden gem major gift prospects hiding in their databases. Thank you to all who visited our booth.

iWave New

iWave hosted its largest attended vendor session ever where CTO Gerry Lawless outlined our growth over the last year and introduced ‘iWave New’, a Smarter, Faster, and Stronger iWave platform coming this fall. iWave New will feature more data, streamlined navigation, and a new platform that will facilitate faster innovation in the years ahead. 


Party! What party? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink! The Blue Martini didn’t happen. Ok, it did, and it was awesome. Over 200 clients came out and were treated to live music and tasty beverages. A special shout out to iWave’s mascot #iWaveWally for funnelling attendees to the shuttle bus. Too bad Wally wasn’t able to make it to the actual event, however. We’ve heard he has some pretty slick dance moves.

Give Away Winner
Perhaps the happiest person to leave sunny Phoenix was University of Colorado’s Sara Wuorinen who won our draw for the Bose speaker. Look at that happy face. Congratulations Sara!

Share The Love

If you want to share your own photos and stories from this conference, tweet using the hashtag #ApraPD2019 and tag us @iWavePRO.  

We had a great time in the desert and look forward to meeting everyone again soon. See you next year in Washington, DC!







About the author: Bob Gorham is iWave’s Director of Product Marketing. He is a curious person who finds no greater joy in his professional life then to work with clients and stakeholders to understand their needs and take action. Whether it be to help improve brand awareness, reposition an existing product, or to better understand the competitive forces and trends affecting our industry, Bob brings enthusiasm and 20 years of experience to each project he works on.

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