All Hands on Deck: How Everyone on Your Team Can Benefit from iWave

As the world continues to shift towards mobile and remote work environments, iWave is working to meet the needs of nonprofit organizations to ensure they continue operating at maximum efficiency. Whether your role focuses on prospect research, fundraising, event management, marketing, or you are an executive or board member, iWave will ensure your organization is working in a succinct manner. This first-of-its-kind platform will help different teams and departments within nonprofits operate more effectively.


Different Needs. One Platform.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to adopt an all hands on deck approach. We broke down how every member of your team can use iWave to maximize your organization’s fundraising efforts:


Prospect Researchers

Use iWave to identify new donors, prioritize prospective donors, and learn more about current donors. Match records within iWave’s database and create profiles with wealth, philanthropic, and biographical records. iWave allows you to quickly build profiles with billions of points of data while the iWave Score ensures all prospective and current major gift donors are weighted specifically to your organization’s goals.



Use iWave to segment and sort prospective and current donors into a prioritized list of individuals with the greatest capacity and inclination to donate to your organization. Along with understanding who to ask, when to ask, and how much to ask for in regards to major gifts, fundraisers can use iWave to uncover prospects in matching gift programs or individuals who own multiple properties, both of which may be perfect major gift donors. With iWave, fundraisers will always be equipped with relevant and accurate information on their prospects so they always have confidence in their major gift ask.


Executives and Board Members

Use iWave to recruit board members, uncover critical relationships with business leaders and community members, or search for grants and funding opportunities. iWave will help executives fill vacant board seats or volunteer roles by using relationship data to understand which of your current donors or volunteers know influential individuals. Executives are also able to search for local and regional foundations with an affinity to that organization’s cause. This information is critical to establishing a connection with foundations before crafting tailor-made grant applications.



Use iWave to plan marketing campaigns and outreach to alumni, prospective donors with specific interests, or individuals from certain industries. iWave’s data can also be used for market research for a variety of outreach activities. Whether you’re planning a state-wide alumni campaign for your college or are hoping to find similar interests among your current
donors, iWave will help fill in the knowledge gaps with market research.


Event Planners

Use iWave to find potential event attendees based on their geographic location, past event attendance, and donation history. iWave will help segment and sort individuals who have specific interests to help kick start event attendance lists. For example, when planning a wine and cheese night, iWave will introduce a potential list of attendees interested specifically in wine. This creates a much more targeted and personalized approach to engaging your prospective donors. iWave can also help you find volunteers for upcoming events by identifying individuals who have interests specific to your cause.


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