A ‘Thank You’ of Our Own For #ResearchPride

There seem to be more and more opportunities to celebrate these days. There are days, weeks, and months dedicated to showing appreciation. National Cupcake Day. World Health Day. Teacher Appreciation Week. And the list goes on.

So on the last week of Research Pride Month, we want to say THANK YOU!

Your Work Matters

At iWave, we do what we do because your work is important. In reality, iWave wouldn’t be where it’s at today without our dedicated users who are committed to deep, honest research. And many nonprofit organizations wouldn’t be able to function without your dedication to their cause.

Helen Brown started Research Pride Month as a way to collaborate and celebrate. And we’re so glad she did.

“During prospect research pride month, we come together virtually and in person to celebrate our role in philanthropy and to share the importance of our work with others.  We use this time to educate and advocate with eloquence, humor, cake, and creativity.”

               ~Helen Brown, President of the Helen Brown Group

So Much to Celebrate

Last week on our blog, guest author Angie shared five ways to celebrate Research Pride Month. Her ideas include connecting with your colleagues, personal growth, and sharing your strengths with your community. If you haven’t read it yet – be sure to take a look. There are some fantastic gems in there! We loved her insights here;

“#ResearchPride was born out of a cry to educate and address misconceptions about fundraising intelligence, as well as to advocate for our profession by shining a light on the value it provides to our organizations. Prospect development professionals contribute greatly to the success of their nonprofits by making advancement practices more efficient, strategic, and effective.”

               ~Angie Stapleton, Helen Brown Group

Follow #ResearchPride and Be Inspired!

At iWave, we do our best to understand what people in the research industry go through on a daily basis. These insights help us make iWave better too!

It is encouraging to see how so many research professionals take pride in their work. During this month, there are many amazing people putting pen to paper and sharing the research pride love. The best way to follow along is to follow the #ResearchPride hashtag on Twitter.


If you haven’t fully celebrated this month, take this as permission to go have an incredible weekend! We thank you so much for all you do. You inspire us.


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