A Message From Our CEO Regarding COVID-19

With the rapidly evolving status of COVID-19, we at iWave know that there is increasing uncertainty in both your personal and professional lives. Due to this, I wanted to reach out personally and let you know that we at iWave are taking all necessary actions to ensure smooth operations and non-impacted continuity and quality of service, while at the same time implementing appropriate protocols aimed at addressing the health and safety of our employees and families. 

We are resolute in our mission to provide our clients with the tools and functionality to continue to fundraise with confidence and accomplish more of the good that they do, especially in the midst of such great anxiety.

iWave is built to ensure that we can fulfill this mission even in challenging times such as this. Our infrastructure, management and operations model was designed for contingency situations and these present times are no exception. Rest assured, you will have uninterrupted service and continue to receive full accessibility to the iWave platform along with the continuance of the same level of service from our Customer Success and support teams.

In addition, the safety of our employees is paramount and to that end, all of the iWave staff have commenced working from home while this situation plays out over the coming weeks. Our team will continue to work at maximum operational efficiency even while working remotely. The risk of infection is still low for the general population, especially in our geographies, however, it is the responsibility of all Canadians to do what we can now to flatten the curve and ensure we mitigate the impact to high-risk individuals at the micro-level and our economy at a macro level. 

As always, we want to thank our clients for their confidence and trust, which we intend to continue earning every day.


Ross Beattie,

President and CEO

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