Do you know your prospect or donor’s “score”? Introducing iWave’s PROscore for Salesforce. Use this integrated tool to quickly evaluate your prospect’s potential as a donor: determine WHO to ask, HOW MUCH to ask for, and WHEN to ask – all without leaving your Salesforce CRM.

iWave is an online search tool that bundles the best wealth, biographical, and philanthropic information available, and then uses that information to generate a PROscore rating for your prospect. Within your Salesforce system, customize your PROscore parameters (propensity, affinity, and capacity weighting and ranges) according to your fundraising strategy. Then, check the PROscore for each of your prospects. With PROscore you can determine how philanthropic your prospect is, whether they love your cause, and how much they have to give.

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Within your Salesforce System, you will now be able to see a PROscore summary for your prospect or donor.
This will include:



Propensity Rating
Estimated Giving Capacity
Total Number of Properties Owned



Affinity Rating
Planned Giving – Bequest, Trust, Annuity
Value of Real Estate Properties



Capacity Rating
Donations Given to Other Organizations
Total Number of Donations Given


How is the PROscore generated?

The PRPOscore is generated by matching your prospect to records within iWave’s database. The records are matched based on the individual’s name, home address, and various other details as available. To ensure the PROscore is aligned with your fundraising strategy, you have the ability to customize the weighting of the formulas elements, the capacity ranges, the affinity, and the level of confidence required to match records.

What is iWave?

Since 1991, iWave has been developing software solutions that empower education, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations to raise more major gifts, faster. iWave’s flagship product is an online lookup tool that helps fundraisers and researchers determine who to ask, how much to ask for, and when to ask. Within iWave, users can rate their prospect or donor’s potential to give using PROscore.


Want To Get Started?

Contact your iWave Account Executive or search iWave in the Salesforce AppExchange and click ‘Get It Now’.