Charlottetown, PEI, December 8, 2011
Coming in January 2012, Prospect Research Online (PRO) subscribers will have complete access to Real Estate information which includes:

  • 150 million residential and commercial Real Estate records from a leading North American provider of property information;
  • Ability to search for property owners based on name, location, and assessed value range;
  • Email alerts about wealth indicators such as when a prospective donor in your area puts a property up for sale or acquires more real estate; and
  • Property summaries which display all ownership data on the property in question.

“With this addition to PRO, our valued subscribers will have another key wealth indicator to use in their prospecting research. This is just the start of several key initiatives in 2012 aimed at improving the way that our subscribers work within PRO, which will, in turn, make them more successful in their fundraising efforts.” said new company President, Gerry Lawless. Don’t wait – sign up today to have access to the Real Estate Data available in January 2012. For more information or a free demonstration, contact us at 1.800.655.7729



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