Daily Patient Screening and Prospect Research to
Power Your Development Efforts

iWave is the industry’s top-rated prospect research platform. It powers your development teams with intel on a prospective donor’s capacity and inclination to give to their cause. Think of it as fundraising intelligence that helps development teams make more informed, evidence-based gift asks.

iWave’s daily patient screening is a time-saving feature that enables healthcare organizations to turn grateful patients into valued donors. It enables you to segment hundreds of patients you know very little about into a prioritized list based on capacity and inclination to donate.

I was hand-searching and verifying every record as I went — literally looking at thousands of people. It was really slow and involved a lot of guesswork. Now I can screen prospects across all kinds of datasets and pinpoint the top percent who come back above a certain threshold — that takes half an hour.”

Ryan Marshall / Prospect Research Analyst

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Daily patient screening leverages iWave’s wealth screening technology but bypasses the manual upload process using an automated, drag-and-drop file transfer protocol (FTP). It is typically used at regular intervals, often daily, though sometimes monthly or quarterly, to match patients to wealth and philanthropic indicators. Within hours or even minutes of names being uploaded, results are returned identifying individuals who have the propensity (or inclination), affinity to healthcare, and capacity to give large donations.

Daily patient screening is a powerful component of a proactive, predictive fundraising strategy and iWave’s transparent and customizable system allows you to do it with confidence.

How Does It Work?

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