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Daily Patient Screening Diagram

Daily patient screening is a trusted method of identifying potential or current donors from a list of patients.  With iWave, this process is easier and faster than ever before.

Getting started is easy.  Download an iWave screening template, add your list of patients, customize settings to fit your fundraising goals, and submit.  Within hours — sometimes minutes — iWave automatically filters your patient list through over 1 billion data records looking for wealth and philanthropy indicators.  You can further verify results, add and delete records as required, view a high-level project summary, and create profiles for each prospect at the click of a button.

I was hand-searching and verifying every record as I went — literally looking at thousands of people. It was really slow and involved a lot of guesswork. Now I can screen prospects across all kinds of datasets and pinpoint the top percent who come back above a certain threshold — that takes half an hour.”

Ryan Marshall / Prospect Research Analyst

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How Does it Work?

PROscreen 4 step image

Upload your project via iWave directly or through our even more streamlined drag-and-drop FTP (file transfer protocol) service.

Screen patients and guarantors based on the propensity, affinity, and capacity values customized by your team.  Each screening project can be personalized to your organization’s cause and fundraising goals.

Analyze results and scores (recency, frequency, and monetary scores) for each individual across 1 billion public records. Determine and rate your prospects’ giving histories, connection to healthcare, and how much they can give.

Validate and increase your confidence by knowing exactly which records and scores make up your screen. Finally, you have screening results you can trust.

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