Lessons Learned From Capital Campaign Experts

Are you looking to launch a capital campaign? If your answer is yes, your next question might be “What now?” Don’t worry, we’re here to help with that part. Join us for an exciting panel discussion on campaign fundraising. We’re

Are You Prospecting with Blinders?

There is an egregious assumption that Black people are not philanthropic. In fact, the opposite is true. Research continues to prove that African Americans are the most charitable group of people in the country. Yet, our prospect lists and donor

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How Technology Keeps You on the Leading Edge of Fundraising in the New Normal

To be on the leading edge of fundraising in 2020, especially in today’s changing world, means having the ability to access the highest quality and most complete data and leveraging a technology ecosystem to streamline and optimize the fundraising process.

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Staying on Track: How is Your Organization Adapting to Changes Due to COVID-19?

In the past few months, the way we live and work has faced dramatic changes, and accepting and adapting those changes is the key to moving forward. What is your organization doing to adapt during COVID-19 to ensure progress and