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View Your Donor’s Propensity, Affinity, and Capacity Ratings without Leaving your Salesforce Database

iWave is pleased to announce iWave’s integration with one of the leading Donor Management Systems (DMS), Salesforce. For education, healthcare, and nonprofit development teams that use Salesforce as their DMS, this means access to customized propensity, affinity, and capacity ratings within their donor records.

With this integration, iWave users will have quick access to an initial snapshot of a donor’s wealth, biographical, and philanthropic background. As a start, the PROscore summary within the donor record will include: an overall PROscore, Propensity, Affinity, and Capacity Ratings, Estimated Giving Capacity, Planned Giving – Bequest, Trust, Annuity, Value of Real Estate Properties, and Value of Donations given to your and other organizations.

Visit the AppExchange to get started.

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