At iWave, innovation is one of our top priorities. It’s what enables us to keep our nonprofit clients in the forefront of fundraising intelligence so they can raise more and continue to make the World a better place.
Check out what’s new and what’s coming soon below!

Company and Foundation Screening

Secure More Grants from Foundations and Companies

The first of its kind, iWave’s revolutionary Foundation and Company Screening enables nonprofits to secure more grants and gifts by accelerating their foundation and corporate research efforts.

For decades, foundation and corporate research has been a time-consuming, labor intensive process that involved searching multiple databases one at a time, collecting all the data in one place, and manually calculating ratings for each prospect in order to identify top prospects. 

With iWave’s Foundation and Company Screening, you can quickly segment hundreds or thousands of foundations and corporations into a prioritized list with actionable insights for your top prospects.

Multi-Lens Scoring

Revolutionizing The Way You Look At Prospects

The first of its kind in the nonprofit industry, iWave’s Multi-Lens Scoring enables you to segment donors and uncover new giving opportunities in a way never before possible. Using customizable parameters of your wealth screening results or donor profiles, you can quickly prioritize and receive actionable insights for hundreds or thousands of prospects and donors.

You can use Multi-Lens Scoring to:

  • Save time on prospect research by viewing a prospect from multiple angles.
  • Identify top prospects who have an affinity (or linkage) to your mission and campaigns.
  • Sort, segment, and cultivate donors with tailored, targeted messaging.
  • Understand philanthropic interests of your entire database, including smaller donors you may not have had time to fully research.
  • Quickly adapt when organizational priorities or campaign criteria change

Customizable Donor Profiles

Save Time with Your Own Custom Profile Template

You asked and we heard you! We are excited to announce new customization functionality for donor profiles. 

Within iWave, you already receive our proprietary scores and analytics within each donor profile that are customized just for you based on your scoring preferences. Now, you can also customize profile PDF exports by adding your own logo, choosing the sections you want included in the export, and arranging the order of those sections. With this easy-to-use functionality, you can focus on displaying the profile data that is most important to you and save time building profiles that are formatted for your organization’s needs.

Of course, this is in addition to existing functionality that enables you to add any known charitable gifts or real estate records to an iWave Profile. These custom records influence iWave’s capacity scores so you can refresh and update scores, once new information is added, to get the most accurate giving capacity. You can also add or delete records on a prospect’s profile.

Enhanced Screening Functionality

Including Delivering Screening Results 5x faster

iWave’s dedication to generating actionable results has always been at the forefront of our wealth screening innovation and we continue to change the game with these new features and enhancements.

Customized Templates – Now organizations can create customized screening import templates making the importing process quicker and easier than ever before. This feature eliminates the need to manipulate data files to conform with rigid import templates offered by many screening platforms.

New Sort and Filter Functionality – iWave’s new screening functionality provides enhanced capabilities to sort, filter and find the donor information you need more efficiently without leaving iWave. iWave’s Cultivation and Engagement Analytics, have also been added to every screening summary.

5x Faster Processing Times – The fastest screening turnaround in the industry just got faster. We invested in leading-edge infrastructure and made new modifications that match constituents and prospects to billions of data points to deliver screening results 5x faster.

Cultivation and Engagement Analytics

The Power of Data and Analytics to Deliver Actionable Insights

iWave’s newest descriptive analytics include a Giving Velocity to identify donors whose giving trend is increasing or decreasing, and the industry’s first Multi-lens Scoring feature that enables organizations to view screening results through multiple viewpoints depending on their fundraising goals.

iWave’s Predictive Analytics uses advanced algorithms to combine descriptive analytic values and deliver actionable insights on how to cultivate and engage prospects and donors. These analytics can also help you segment and prioritize donors at a more granular level. The newest additions within iWave’s predictive analytics area are Cultivation and Engagement insights that help you understand how to communicate with your prospects and donors.

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