Powerful Fundraising Intel Without Leaving NeonCRM

iWave for Neon helps nonprofits focus time and effort on prospects with the greatest major gift potential. Enrich your internal NeonOne data with iWave’s billions of wealth and philanthropic records to learn more about your prospective donor’s capacity and inclination to give. These insights help you focus time and effort on your top major gift prospects.


With iWave for Neon, you’re able to:

  • Use the iWave Score to identify major gift prospects directly within NeonOne.
  • Batch score multiple prospects, including segmenting or prioritizing lists of new prospects or current donors within NeonOne.
  • Leverage iWave’s one-of-a-kind customization and transparency to ensure results are tailored specifically to your organization.
  • Understand a prospect’s capacity and inclination to give, as well as their affinity to your organization.
  • Analyze a donor’s giving to you and other organizations with iWave’s proprietary charitable giving database.

Finally, you can have confidence that you’re asking the right person, for the right amount, at the right time.

We started by screening a segment of our contacts to highlight untapped potential of current members and low level donors, and within two months of starting our subscription we uncovered 1 billion dollars of capacity in just 1% of our database.

Lisa Steinberg
Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation