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Want to know more about how to find major donors and what to do after you’ve found them? Then, it’s your lucky day!

We’ve teamed up with Causeview, a built-for-salesforce donor management system, to share our secrets about major gift fundraising. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about major gift donors, including the three keys to more confident fundraising and major gift cultivation and solicitation.

A quick summary:

Donating time and money for the betterment of others is a foundational part of the human experience. As nonprofits become increasingly reliant on major personal donations, however, identifying potential donors and establishing lasting relationships is paramount to fundraising success. And since donors have varied philanthropic interests and many choices when it comes to donating, it’s up to your nonprofit to present the right gift ask to the right person at the right time.

The prospect development cycle starts with the process of identifying a potential donor and “moving” them from new prospect to major gift donor. In these pages, you will learn how the moves management process works and how platforms like iWave and Causeview can help you take a brand new prospect and guide them on the path to becoming a lifelong major gift donor.

Includes a special chapter on Salesforce.org!

Did we also mention, it’s free?!

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