iWave User Agreement

Thank you for choosing iWave Information Systems Inc. as your service provider to help you meet your fundraising goals.  The order form that is provided to you by your iWave representative includes several important pieces of information, such as the name of the iWave products you have subscribed to use, the subscription fee to use these products, the method of payment, and the number of screening credits and/or permitted concurrent users.  You are always billed in advance and you may cancel your subscription by notifying us at least 60 days’ before the end of the subscription period identified on the order form.

During the time that we provide our services to you, you may choose to share information with us about potential donors.  You must make sure that any personal information you provide to us has been collected in compliance with all relevant laws.  You have our commitment that we will use industry best practices to protect this data from unauthorized access and that it will be used only for the purpose for which it was provided to us.  Access to your data is limited only to those with a need to access the data for the purpose of delivering and supporting iWave products.  Data that is deleted by you within a product is permanently deleted, and 30 days after your subscription ends, your data is permanently deleted from our system.

The system that we use to provide the services to you belongs to us, incorporates proprietary technology, and you may not use the system in a way that is not authorized, illegal, or that threatens the system or other users in any way.  To enhance your value while using our products, we have licenses to use a variety of third-party databases which are linked to the system.  Although this data originates from third parties, and therefore we cannot guarantee that it is always accurate or current, we use reasonable efforts to ensure that all of our third party data is reliable and that it originates from reputable sources.

We will take responsibility for claims of others that relate to ownership of the system, and you will take responsibility for unauthorized or improper use of the system.  If there is a dispute that cannot be resolved through discussions and negotiations, we will resolve the dispute through arbitration in Charlottetown, P.E.

To view the full terms and conditions to use our products, click here.