Multi-Lens Scoring Flyer

The first of its kind in the nonprofit industry, iWave’s Multi-Lens Scoring feature enables nonprofit organizations to see wealth screening results
and donor profiles from multiple viewpoints depending on their fundraising goals.

With Multi-Lens Scoring, nonprofits are able to:

  • Save time on prospect research by viewing a prospect from multiple angles.
  • Identify top prospects who have an affinity (or linkage) to your mission and campaigns.
  • Sort, segment, and cultivate donors with tailored, targeted messaging.

Download the flyer to see how Multi-Lens Scoring can help you uncover new giving opportunities that fuel all of your fundraising strategies, not just your major gifts.

Download the Flyer

“iWave supports us, and our clients, and allows us to provide them with information that helps them to do the amazing work that they do”.

Daniel Hussey

Managing Partner
Hussey Philanthropic Consulting