iWave adds database of over 250 million individuals and 15 million triple-verified businesses to further help clients in their prospect research efforts.


iWave, the industry’s top-rated prospect research tool, is expanding their suite of wealth and philanthropic data with the addition of DatabaseUSA.com®.  DatabaseUSA.com® is a provider of executive, business, and consumer information.

iWave will add four datasets from DatabaseUSA.com: Companies, Executives at Home, Consumer Profiles, and Death Records.  For iWave users, this means access to contact and biographic information on 250+ million individuals and 15 million businesses. This includes information on executives, the companies they work for, and consumers. Their specialty is information gathered on businesses with less than 100 employees.

DatabaseUSA.com® supports iWave’s mandate to provide users with the highest quality and most comprehensive data available.  Their business database is triple-verified and 95% accurate.  iWave will be the only prospect research platform to provide access to this amount of comprehensive information from DatabaseUSA.com®.

iWave currently provides fundraising professionals access to more than one billion wealth and philanthropic records in their platform.  The addition of DatabaseUSA.com® will complement the current suite of Dun & Bradstreet information on executives and the large corporations they work for, with a greater focus on small and mid-sized companies and executives.

“We are dedicated to helping our users fundraise efficiently and confidently,” said Gerry Lawless, CTO and Chief Evangelist at iWave.  “We strive to provide reliable, comprehensive data and transparent feature functionality. In this case, the addition of DatabaseUSA.com® data will help our users gain a more complete picture of prospective donors and the businesses they work for.”

“DatabaseUSA only benefits from partnering with growing, dynamic companies like iWave,” said Tim Pinkerton, Vice President, DatabaseUSA.com®. “The way they embrace ground-breaking technology and foster a culture of innovation is very similar to our own, so it’s a natural fit.”

The iWave prospect research platform is used by prospect research and fundraising professionals within the development department of nonprofits.  They use iWave to identify, understand, and connect with prospective donors. With this wealth and philanthropic intel, they are able to fundraise more efficiently and make more educated major gift asks.  When you’re able to ask the right person, for the right amount, at the right time, that is fundraising with confidence.

About iWave iWave is the top-rated prospect research platform on the market.  Our solutions enable development departments to fundraise with confidence and determine who to ask, how much to ask for, and when to ask.  Since 1991, over 6000 clients have depended on iWave to power their development efforts.

About DatabaseUSA.com® DatabaseUSA.com is the leading provider of full-service database and email marketing solutions for small businesses and sales people. DatabaseUSA.com proudly offers a 95% accurate, triple-verified database of mailing lists, email lists, and sales leads, as well as direct mail, database enhancements, and many other marketing and sales lead services. To learn more, visit www.databaseusa.com