Political giving records can help round out a prospect’s profile by indicating both capacity to give an affinity to certain causes.

Many prospective donors give not only to support various nonprofit organizations but also to support various elected officials and campaign platforms. Every election cycle, tens of thousands of individuals pledge funds ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars to support their candidates and with US Political Giving database, you can now access these giving records.

The US political contribution records are brought to you by Federal Elections Commission. This database contains millions of records and is updated weekly. Search for your prospects by name, or identify potential donors by looking for large donors to local candidates or donors to specific lobby groups.

Federal Elections Commission features one datasets:

  1. Federal Political Donations: With state political contribution records, you can identify your prospect’s giving history to state-level candidates, which is a great indicator of capacity to give charitably. Plus, you can search by political party to identify donors who share an interest in your cause, and facilitate searches by contribution amount to identify high capacity donors.

With Political Contributions, You Can:

  • Quickly identify your prospect’s comprehensive giving history to federal political campaigns.
  • Use searches by political party and lobby group to identify donors who share an interest in your cause.
  • Search by contribution amount to identify high capacity donors.

iWave is compliant with industry standards and regulations including the Federal Election Campaign (FEC) Act. According to FEC privacy regulations, US political giving data found within iWave cannot be used for any commercial purposes -*including the solicitation of political or charitable donations.* This is also why iWave, unlike other platforms, does not use FEC political giving in scoring algorithms and profile record matching, and we provide the ability for individuals to request an opt-out of our VeriGift donations database.

iWave offers third-party political giving data at no charge to provide context for our clients’ fundraising efforts, but not for their direct use in soliciting contributions of any kind. To learn more about this restriction, please visit the FEC’s page on Sale and Use of Campaign Information.