The Newest iWave Database

You may have read our press release from a few weeks ago that iWave now offers data from (currently in beta).  But do you know just how much of a game-changer this database is for iWave users?

Four new datasets are available for your research and fundraising needs:

  • Companies (15+ million)
  • Executives at Home*
  • Consumer Profiles*
  • Death Records*

*Sourced from 250+ million individuals.

DatabaseUSA information includes contact information on prospective donors including home address, email, phone, age, employer, income, and other relevant data points.  You can also learn more about small and mid-sized businesses (DatabaseUSA’s specialty) and search by number of employees, sales revenue, contact information, credit rating, and more.

So What Does All This Mean?

More data is great, but is it valuable?  When it comes to DatabaseUSA records, the answer is a resounding yes.  Picture this scenario:

You’re a researcher at a small environmental nonprofit in the Midwest.  A fundraiser asks you to build a profile on Andrew Johnson, CEO of a local sanitation company.  The fundraiser knows Andrew cares about the environment and is taking steps to make his company “greener,” so Andrew has a close connection to your cause.  Great! But nobody has any idea of Andrew’s wealth capacity or whether he even donates to charity.

As robust as iWave’s Thomson Reuters and Dun and Bradstreet’s corporate databases are, you can’t find much information about Andrew.  This guy keeps a very low profile! You’re not even sure of his home address.  

Knowing DatabaseUSA has one of the most comprehensive databases when it comes to small and mid-sized companies (and their executives), you try searching for Andrew Johnson in your city.  The system searches for records…and wow! Records are starting to come back.

Insight Into Small and Mid-Sized Companies and Executives

Now you can see Andrew’s company address and information, including its annual sales revenue  — clearly, Andrew is a very successful entrepreneur. But what is his personal wealth situation?  You find his home address and cross-reference this information with a CoreLogic search.  Andrew lives in a modest house, but he and his wife are recent empty-nesters; they just sold their large family home for a handsome price.  Maybe Andrew owns some income properties?

Okay, let’s stay out of that rabbit hole for a moment.  In the DatabaseUSA tab, you can view some of Andrew’s personal information like age and interests.  There is even information about his preferred charitable causes, including environmental missions! To top it all off, you can see Andrew’s work and home email addresses and phone number.  DatabaseUSA’s information is triple-verified and 95% accurate, so you can be confident in adding this information to Andrew Johnson’s profile.

And What If I’m Not a Researcher?

Easy!  DatabaseUSA is included in the search algorithm when you launch iWave’s “Get Score” feature.  Simply input Andrew’s full name and the system will prompt for more information. iWave will build a profile full of data points (including DatabaseUSA information) ready to share, print, or export to your donor database.

More Fundraising Intelligence Opportunities

The ideal approach to prospect development is a holistic search for wealth, biographic, and philanthropic information.  No one database will have all the answers for every given prospect. But’s data is an excellent, verified source of critical information about prospects who might otherwise fly under the radar.  If you’re an iWave subscriber, we hope you’ll take full advantage of the tremendous opportunities with DatabaseUSA in iWave.

Have questions?  We have answers. Reach out to our Support team here.

If you want to learn more about iWave, why not watch a demo?

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About the author: Patrick Bryden is iWave’s Marketing Manager.  From creating pitch decks for Nike and Mattel to starting his own water bottle company, Patrick brings over five years of marketing experience to iWave. With a strong interest in creative problem solving and finding efficiencies in everyday processes, Patrick’s never met a challenge he hasn’t liked.