Donor Prospect List Reference Guide

We put together a list of 5 prospects lists you can build in 5 minutes. Are you ready to become a list building expert?

Crafting The Perfect Donor Thank You Letter

Dive into the best practices for writing a perfect donor thank you letter!

Prospect Research Reference Guide

Learn everything you need to know about prospect research with this bite-sized reference guide.

Charitable Giving Data Reference Guide

Ready to unlock the power that lies in a prospect’s charitable giving? This reference guide will help you capitalize on past giving data, including charitable, foundation, political, and corporate giving!

Wealth Screening Reference Guide

Learn the power of wealth screening and how it can help your nonprofit organization raise more major gifts, faster.

Wealth and Capacity Ratings Reference Guide

Get ready to understand how wealth and capacity ratings impact the major gifts process. This reference guide will give you a greater understanding of wealth and capacity ratings, and exactly how they fit into your nonprofit organization’s prospect research.

Moves Management Reference Guide

Learn the ins and outs of moves management with this reference guide. From understanding the six steps to moves management to finding out exactly what a solicitation plan is, this reference guide will get you up to speed on the

Grateful Patient Program Reference Guide

Are you ready to learn about grateful patient programs? This reference guide will provide a rundown on what exactly a grateful patient program is, how patient screening can transform your healthcare organization, and the best way to connect with current

Fundraising Impact of COVID-19 Edition III (CCS Philanthropic Climate Survey Report)

CCS Fundraising’s Fundraising Impact of COVID-19 research report provides a snapshot of the changing effects of the pandemic on nonprofit fundraising and how nonprofit professionals are evolving their fundraising plans and tactics in response.

CCS Philanthropic Climate Survey Report 4th Edition | January 2021

CCS’s latest Philanthropic Climate Survey report provides a snapshot of how more than 1,000 respondents from across the nonprofit community are persevering amid challenges, evolving their fundraising tactics, and planning for 2021 and beyond.