Grateful Patient Program

Patient screening and Prospect research to power your grateful patient program.

For Healthcare

How It Works

Healthcare institutions leverage grateful patient programs to identify potential donors from a list of patients and move them through the donor cultivation cycle. A key component of a grateful patient program is patient screening, which helps healthcare organizations learn more about patients and how they may fit into the major gift cycle.


iWave’s Patient Screening is built on a foundation of customization and transparency that is the first of its kind. It enables development departments to segment hundreds or thousands of patients you know very little about into a prioritized list of prospects with the greatest capacity and inclination to donate a major gift to your healthcare organization.


iWave’s Patient Screening leverages classic wealth screening technology but bypasses the manual upload process using an automated, drag-and-drop file transfer protocol (FTP). It is typically used at regular intervals, often daily, though sometimes monthly, to match patients to wealth and philanthropic indicators, in full compliance with HIPAA regulations.


iWave’s Patient Screening works by matching individuals to information in iWave’s database: the industry’s most comprehensive source of wealth, philanthropic and biographic records. The results will identify specific patients who have propensity (or inclination), proven affinity to healthcare, and capacity to give large donations. Patient screening is a powerful component of proactive, predictive grateful patient program and iWave’s transparent and customizable screening allows you to do it with confidence.

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What Makes it Different

360° View of the Patient

Get a comprehensive view of the patient, focusing not only on their capacity but also on their propensity to give, and proven affinity to healthcare.

Transparency & Customization

Have confidence in the results because the patient scores are completely transparent and tailored specifically to your healthcare organization. iWave will always show you how patient scores were derived and what records were matched.

Current Data

Profiles stay up-to-date because you can add new information and refresh results at any time.


iWave Integrations and API

Build efficiency into your fundraising with iWave’s robust integrations and powerful API. Regardless of your donor management system, you’re able to enrich your existing data with iWave’s billions of wealth and philanthropic records to identify new prospects and learn more about current donors. Equipped with this real-time information, you can now begin the cultivation of patients with the potential to become major gift donors to your capital campaign or development project. Both iWave integrations and the iWave API can be used to score patient and prospects individually or in a batch.

iWave Integrations

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Novant Health Foundation

“Our leadership team loves the data, scores, and analytics we are able to integrate seamlessly into Salesforce from iWave. The scores and analytics give us actionable insights and enable us to have more targeted conversations with our fundraising teams by using one-click screenings and profile generation.”

Emily Glesias

Supervisor, Prospect Research Management

Novant Health Foundation