Multi-Lens Scoring:

Revolutionizing the Way You Look at Prospects

With iWave, nonprofit organizations are able to fully customize their experience based on their unique donors, missions, and goals. The first of its kind in the nonprofit industry, iWave’s Multi-Lens Scoring feature enables nonprofit organizations to see wealth screening results and donor profiles from multiple viewpoints depending on their fundraising goals.

Using customizable parameters, you can quickly prioritize and receive actionable insights for hundreds or thousands of prospects and donors.

You can use Multi-Lens Scoring to:


Save time on prospect research by viewing a prospect from multiple angles.


Identify top prospects who have an affinity (or linkage) to your mission and campaigns.


Sort, segment, and cultivate donors with tailored, targeted messaging.


Understand philanthropic interests of your entire database, including
smaller donors you may not have had time to fully research.


Quickly adapt when organizational priorities or campaign criteria change.

By using Multi-Lens Scoring, you can better understand your donors and prospects.

How It Works:

Step 1: Create Scoring Lenses

You can think about the iWave Score as your nonprofit’s personalized prospect score. We give you the ability to customize how a prospect is scored based on your unique organization, providing you with the flexibility to customize scoring preferences as much or as little as you’re comfortable with.

With Multi-Lens Scoring, you can create multiple lenses to uncover new giving opportunities that fuel all of your fundraising strategies, not just your major gifts.

Adjust Your Score Preferences:

Step 2: Screen Constituents and Receive Actionable Insights

View results from each lens side by side with options to filter, sort and export easily.

Use Case

Sort through a large number of prospects to find the best prospective donors and tailor your messaging to their interests.


Set up multiple lenses using different primary affinities to look at the same prospects.


For example, you may be a hospital that is running a capital campaign to raise funds for an Art Therapy Facility. Within iWave’s settings, you are able to select Healthcare as the primary affinity (giving interest) to find donors that have donated to healthcare organizations in the past and have a high capacity and history of giving.

Then, using Multi-Lens Scoring, you can set up another lens by selecting Arts and Culture as the primary affinity. Under this view, you will uncover prospects that have a track record of donating to arts and culture causes or those who are an executive or a board  member at an arts and culture organization.

Now you can segment your top prospects into two lists based on their affinity, and engage with each group using tailored messaging that focuses on their giving interest in healthcare or arts and culture. This is an excellent place to start prospecting for your Art Therapy Facility.

Use Case

Identify members that can give more.


Set up a lens that has a heavier score weightings on capacity and propensity.


For example, you may be an art museum with paying members. When you screen your full list of donors, members, museum attendees and prospects, you can use equal weights for affinity, propensity and capacity to identify your top wealthy prospects that are most likely to give to you.

With your members, you know they already have a strong affinity to your mission. Using Multi-Lens Scoring, you can create a new lens and change the weights of the propensity, capacity, and affinity to put more weight on capacity and propensity.

You may reduce affinity to 5%, while making capacity 80% and propensity 15%. This allows you to pinpoint and focus your energy on members who have the  ability to give more.

IN A NEW ERA OF NONPROFIT FUNDRAISING, iWave solves critical challenges facing fundraising professionals today: how to identify, qualify and retain donors to raise more gifts. You can uncover new gifts of all sizes by better understanding your prospects and donors with iWave’s industry-leading wealth screening. iWave is the only company to offer Multi-Lens Scoring which allows you to view wealth screening results and profiles under multiple lenses depending on your fundraising goals so you can fundraise with confidence.

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