Legacy.com is the world’s largest commercial provider of online memorials and includes obituaries from 27,000+ funeral homes and 1,200+ newspaper sources.

With Legacy.com obituary data, nonprofits will have access to key donor information and be able to find new prospects, learn more about current donors, and better tailor cultivation through the donor journey. In addition to providing information to flag deceased individuals in your donor management system, online memorials can provide a wealth of information about current and prospective donors including trusts, family members, alumni involvement, disbursement of wealth, and causes supported.

Legacy.com features two datasets:

  • Funeral Home Filings: Access online memorial notices from 27,000+ funeral homes and filter your results using filters such as last lived state or city, or using a keyword search
  • Newspaper Obituaries: Find obituary articles from 1,200+ newspaper sources. Access millions of articles to locate key information on prospects and events related to your philanthropic cause.

Using Legacy.com you can:

  • View record details such as name, age, gender, education, date of birth, date of death, funeral service city, funeral service state
  • Use search filters such as name, funeral service state, funeral service city, age, and deceased between; keyword searches are also available
  • Add obituary records to profiles, set alerts to stay up-to-date, export search results, and save search parameters

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