Create Multiple PROfiles

Tired of having to research your prospects one by one?  Introducing the new Create Multiple PROfiles feature!  Now you can work faster and smarter.

Rather than creating PROfiles one at a time or running a full PROscreen, you can do a simple “batch upload” and create up to 50 PROfiles simultaneously. PROfiles can be individually validated and edited, or you can export a list of results to analyze, compare, and upload into your DMS.

With this new feature in PRO you’ll be able to:
  • Create multiple prospect PROfiles simultaneously with a simple ‘batch upload’ using only a name, city, and state
  • Receive a propensity, affinity, capacity, & overall PROscore rating for each prospect
  • Customize scores & PROfiles to meet your organization’s needs
  • Export a list of scores to evaluate, compare, & upload into your DMS!

Need to do more than 50 names at a time?  Try iWave’s latest offering: PROscreen.


Create Multiple PROfiles Diagram


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