5 Ways to Customize Your Prospect Screening

Did you know that screening is the most common form of prospect identification conducted these days?  As Helen Brown and Jen Filla mention in their book, Prospect Research for Fundraisers, whether you’re starting a campaign, building a professional fundraising program, trying to get to know your database better, or want to get in the habit […]


Screening Vs. Analytics

In our last post, we discussed why automated prospect screening hasn’t been available for Canadian prospects until May 2016. “Wait.  Screening?  You’re actually talking about analytics, right?” There is some confusion in the industry about the differences between screening and analytics.  As it turns out, the two processes provide insight on different aspects of the prospect […]


Why Canada Didn’t Have Automated Screening – Until Now

The following is an excerpt from iWave’s new whitepaper: The State of Canadian Wealth Screening & What Lies Ahead.  Read the full story. Automated wealth/prospect screening, or electronic screening, of Canadian based prospects has never been available.  Some companies have offered an alternative version of screening or analytics that is more manual and human-driven, but […]

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