3 Must-Haves For Your Prospect Screening Solution

Prospect research is a comprehensive analysis of a prospective donor’s potential to contribute to your nonprofit with a major gift.  Wealth screening – or as we like to call it, prospect screening – is just one step of that overall research process.  However, screening is a fundamental strategy that can save time, resources, and help […]


How to Better Align Prospect Research and Fundraising

Imagine you’re the president of a small company. The marketplace is highly competitive, and investors are counting on you to grow revenue. But your Sales team has exhausted their best leads, and Marketing efforts have atrophied. Each team blames the other, citing a laundry list of failures. Your head is in your hands – year-end […]

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Prospect Research Roundtable #1

Welcome to the first (of many) iWave Roundtables.  To help celebrate #ResearchPride, iWave connected with prospect researchers to learn about their “day in the life.”  The guinea pigs for our first roundtable are: Sara Glover / Prospect Management and Research Officer, Wilfrid Laurier University Wilfrid Laurier University is a world-class postsecondary institution.  Laurier oversees several […]


Recap: APRA Regional Conference (ARC) 2017

We’ve just returned from beautiful Atlanta, Georgia.  Earlier this week, two members of the iWave team had the pleasure of meeting prospect development professionals from across the eastern United States at the APRA Regional Conference (ARC) 2017.  Because we had such a great time, we wanted to share our #myAPRAstory about this great event. Special highlights […]



Prospect Research Pride It’s amazing how fast a year goes – #ResearchPride is back again!   If you’re not familiar with prospect research, it’s the identification and analysis of prospective donors (individuals, companies, and trusts) to learn their potential to give to a nonprofit’s cause.  Here at iWave, we also call this important work fundraising […]

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How to Effectively Integrate Social Media & Fundraising

Social media continues to revolutionize how we interact with the world (especially the digital one) and the people around us.  But while many nonprofits integrate social media & their fundraising strategy, few employ the following tactics that give their online presence a boost. First, some fast facts for you.  Social media is the number one reason […]


BUSTED: 4 Prospect Development Myths

Myths, mistruths, fake news…there’s a lot of information out there, but you can’t believe everything you read.  We’re here to dispel of the prospect development myths that persist in the nonprofit world. MYTH: Automation will make prospect researchers obsolete Technology is advancing so fast that headlines, not to mention the average person, can’t keep up. […]


3 Best Practices for Effective Relationship Mapping

Earlier in 2017, iWave introduced relationship data to Prospect Research Online.  Now we’re going to cover three (3) best practices for implementing a functional mapping program that provides great results. Tim Wowk is the Associate Director of Prospect Research & Constituent Data at Queen’s University.  He offers some excellent insight into how to develop a […]


Challenges and Opportunities for Prospect Development in 2017

Guest Post by Lori Hood Lawson As US President Donald Trump proceeds to sign executive orders as I write this, a number of national and international nonprofit organizations either reap the rewards of such directives or run headlong into an unannounced fire drill(s), or a combination of both. What can you do, in your prospect […]


Making Connections With Relationship Mapping

Are you leveraging your organization’s board of directors as part of your major gift strategy?  You should be, and you can start with relationship mapping. In many ways, board members represent the kind of major gift donors you are continually searching for.  However, a common belief persists that board members influence fundraising success through their […]

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