The Top 5 iWave FAQs Answered by the iWave Team

Every day, the iWave team works closely with development professionals from nonprofits of every size and scope. Some are longtime clients, others are looking at prospect research tools for the first time, and still, others are looking to switch from different software and start using iWave. In all these conversations we hear a number of […]

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How To Implement A Grateful Patient Program

Imagine you are the director of development at a hospital foundation in a mid-sized city. You have an average intake of 100 patients every day. You know from building lists in your prospect research tool that there are many wealthy individuals giving to healthcare causes in your area. But are they visiting your hospital? If they […]


A ‘Thank You’ of Our Own For #ResearchPride

There seem to be more and more opportunities to celebrate these days. There are days, weeks, and months dedicated to showing appreciation. National Cupcake Day. World Health Day. Teacher Appreciation Week. And the list goes on. So on the last week of Research Pride Month, we want to say THANK YOU! Your Work Matters At […]


Five Ways to Celebrate #ResearchPride Month!

Guest Post by Angie Stapleton, Helen Brown Group March is one of my favorite months in the fundraising intelligence community. Why? Because it is #ResearchPride month, of course! Launched a few years ago by the one-and-only Helen Brown, #ResearchPride month exists for one simple reason: to recognize, celebrate, and shower a lot of love on […]


What is Fundraising Intelligence and Why is it so Important?

You may have noticed, but we talk about Fundraising Intelligence a lot. And there’s a good reason for that. We believe in it! If you’ve never heard of the term before, think business intelligence – for fundraising. In the age of technology, social networking, and an overall overload of information, business intelligence takes data and […]


Major Gifts From Major Donors: a New Ebook

A brand new eBook from iWave: Want to know more about how to find major donors and what to do after you’ve found them? Then, it’s your lucky day! We’ve teamed up with Causeview, a built-for-salesforce donor management system, to share our secrets about major gift fundraising. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you […]


What Google Autocomplete Says About Nonprofits

We’ve all seen those Google autocomplete videos. If you haven’t, where have you been? Just kidding. Seriously, you should watch these! Now that I’ve taken you down the deep dark rabbit hole of “videos on the internet”, you may be thinking, “what does this have to do with me?”. I’m glad you asked. People Google […]


Managing Your Donors: The Need For A Donor Management System

A donor management software (DMS) might be the best thing for your nonprofit since sliced bread. Pardon the cliché for a second and let us explain. DMSs are like really big filing cabinets that live in the cloud and track everything about your organization. We mean, like everything. Want to track emails from sales reps […]

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