Why Canada Didn’t Have Automated Screening – Until Now

The following is an excerpt from iWave’s new whitepaper: The State of Canadian Wealth Screening & What Lies Ahead.  Read the full story. Automated wealth/prospect screening, or electronic screening, of Canadian based prospects has never been available.  Some companies have offered an alternative version of screening or analytics that is more manual and human-driven, but […]


Top 3 Things Prospect Researchers Struggle With

  Guest Post by Jennifer Filla, Prospect Research Institute & Aspire Research Group LLC Whether you are a solo prospect research professional or work within a team, we all have a few things we struggle with. Following are the top three issues I see prospect researchers struggle with and hear people talking about most often. When […]


Public Charities And Foundations Research 101

What Makes A Prospect Great?  There are many factors at play, but the best donors have a history of giving, strong linkage to your cause, and the ability to share truly impactful gifts of money, time, or personal expertise.  While individuals make up the largest group of donors, foundations also present fantastic opportunities for other […]


Friends With Prospect Research Benefits: Four Types To Befriend In March

Guest Post By Preeti Gill “Don’t hang out with each other. Make friends with people in other industries. Expand your network of contacts.” This profound advice came courtesy of stalwart newsman-turned-journalism instructor Mr. B. He was gently nudging my print reporting class to get out there and make friends with accountants, realtors and tech nerds; […]


5 Tips For Using Charitable Donations Data

  Making sense of charitable donations data records is a critical step toward achieving your prospect development goals. Finding information about your prospects can sometimes be a case of feast or famine. With one prospect, you may struggle to uncover the material you need. With another, you may be worried you’re spending too much time […]


A letter to our Prospect Research Peeps During Prospect Research Pride Month

Prospect Research Pride As many of you may know, it’s Prospect Research Pride Month. This is a special celebration dedicated to creating awareness for an industry that empowers nonprofit organizations to fundraise smarter. If you’re not familiar with prospect research, it’s the identification and analysis of prospective donors (individuals, companies, and trusts) to learn their […]


Building Your Prospect Pipeline

Guest Post by Marge King, InfoRich Group, Inc.  As a researcher, my clients often ask me how to build a prospect pipeline from external sources—panning for gold, if you will. Sometimes the need for a list is because an organization is starting a new program, sometimes it is because the organization is concerned about new donor […]


5 Things to Look for in a Prospect Research Tool

A new year means a new perspective, new goals, and for some, new tools to help you accomplish those goals.  The nonprofit industry is extremely large though, with a diverse group of organizations.  Maybe you work for a small organization with a modest budget or maybe a larger organization that can afford many tools.  There […]

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