‘Tis The Season (For Political Giving Research)

  Guest Post by Lori Hood Lawson, Working Philanthropy As I write this, it’s less than 80 days until Christmas and it’s less than 30 days until this year’s US Presidential Election. Don’t worry – I’m not going to talk about politics but, rather, some interesting news on political giving. This is a completely nonpartisan […]


Capacity Ratings Questions with Jennifer Filla

  Capacity Ratings are a very broad topic and a topic that leads to endless questions. Below are some of the main questions from a previous Webinar with Jenn Filla. The audience who attended this webinar had some great insightful angels for us to dig deeper into.   Capacity Ratings Questions and Answers With Jenn […]


The Three Keys Series – PROPENSITY: Finding Clues in Charitable Giving, Board Affiliations, Volunteering, and More

In the first of our Three Keys Series, we tackle Propensity. Let’s discuss how and why a strong propensity rating indicates your prospect might be your organization’s next major gift donor. What is Propensity? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines propensity as “a strong natural tendency to do something.” Perhaps the key word in Webster’s definition is […]


The Three Keys Introduction: What is Propensity, Affinity, and Capacity?

Good things come in threes. When it comes to ideal donor ratings, the big three are propensity, affinity, and capacity (The Three Keys). Throughout the nonprofit industry, there are many different perspectives and names for this ratings trio. But what do propensity, affinity, and capacity ratings actually mean? We’re here to chime in with our […]


Best Practices for Researching and Qualifying Parents as Major Gift Prospects

If you work at an education institution and aren’t looking at parents as major gifts prospects, you could be missing out.  In fact, according to research discussed here, between 2000 and 2010 parent giving to higher education increased by 49 percent. Why parents? What makes dedicated parent fund efforts so important?  There are a few reasons.  Typically, parents […]

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Investing in Impact

What is impact investing?  In short, it’s a desire to get a big bang for your buck. In terms of prospect development, impact giving is not much different.  So how can researchers and fundraisers attract these types of donors?   Guest Post by Lori Hood Lawson, Working Philanthropy  Hard to believe #APRAPD2016 has come and gone already! […]


Prospect Research List Building: The Canadian Edition

We published a blog post about the best prospect research list building strategies. Thanks to feedback from our clients and subscribers, we have adapted that post with Canadian prospects in mind.  From screening to real estate data, the Canadian nonprofit industry can be very different from that in the US, and vice versa. Knowing why and how […]


Screening Vs. Analytics

In our last post, we discussed why automated prospect screening hasn’t been available for Canadian prospects until May 2016. “Wait.  Screening?  You’re actually talking about analytics, right?” There is some confusion in the industry about the differences between screening and analytics.  As it turns out, the two processes provide insight on different aspects of the prospect […]

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