Finding Passionate Volunteers with Prospect Research

Every nonprofit depends on monetary donations to survive and thrive.  But where would nonprofits be without passionate citizens eager to lend a helping hand? Good volunteers are hard to find and even harder to keep.  That’s why it’s important to find the “right” volunteers with skills and interests that are aligned with your nonprofit’s mission.  […]


How to Attract More Corporate Support For Your Nonprofit

Earlier in August, iWave hosted a webinar by Claire Kerr of Fronstream called Serious Business: Digital Strategies to Boost Corporate Support.  In the spirit of that webinar, here are some organizational and fundraising intelligence strategies you can use to attract more financial help from corporations.  (And stay tuned — next time, we’ll discuss ways to identify […]


Finding New Donors With Political Contributions

Many prospective donors give not only to support various nonprofit organizations, but also to support various elected officials and campaign platforms. Every election cycle, tens of thousands of individuals pledge funds ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars to support their candidates. Consider these thoughts from industry consultant Lori Lawson in her previous […]

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5 Tips For Using Charitable Donations Data

Making sense of charitable donations data records is a critical step toward achieving your prospect development goals. Finding information about your prospects can sometimes be a case of feast or famine. With one prospect, you may struggle to uncover the material you need. With another, you may be worried you’re spending too much time panning […]


Donations Data – What’s the Deal?

Have you been hearing a lot about donations data lately?  We have.  But what does donations data really mean and why is it useful?  Here’s the ‘CliffNotes’ version. Firstly, what’s in it for you?  Well, past giving can be a great indicator of future giving.  Think about it.  It doesn’t matter how much wealth someone […]