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Webinar Q&A: The Future of Fundraising 

We recently wrapped up a three-part webinar series titled “The Future of Fundraising” with our friend, Paul D’Alessandro. This series covered three topics; Key Insights into AI and Donor Privacy, A Strategic View of DAFs, Blockchain, and Impact Investing, and

Supercharge Your Prospect Research with More Granular Affinity Categories

Have you ever played a game of darts? This all-time favorite bar sport may seem a bit daunting for first-timers, but it’s actually easy to play. You start with a fixed number of points, typically 301 or 501, and the

Ebook Teaser: Wealth Screening Playbook

Here’s a sneak peek of our latest ebook all about wealth screening! If you’re looking for a deep dive into advanced screening techniques, you’ve come to the right place. Download the ebook here. Fundraising is constantly changing and advancing. But

Planned Giving Identification and Cultivation Made Simple

Planned Giving Scores and Analytics are here! We’re in the midst of the greatest intergenerational wealth transfer in history. Baby boomers, the wealthiest generation in American history, are expected to pass down over $30 trillion dollars over the next few

Webinar Q&A: Taking a Fresh Approach to Capital and Annual Campaigns During and After a Pandemic

Over the month of May, we have been hosting a series of webinars with Robin Thompson that accompany her recent ebook: Power Strategies to Supercharge Fundraising Efforts. In part three of this webinar series recorded on May 19th, 2021, Lisa

Multi-Lens Scoring: Revolutionizing the Way You Look at Your Prospects

Seeing through that new pair of glasses for the first time. Trying out that new Snapchat or Instagram filter. Climbing that mountain peak and seeing the world below. These are all different ways of looking at the same thing, offering

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Using iWave For Growth: Revitalize and Reconnect with Education Donors

Request Your Fundraising Assessment What does growth look like in the time of COVID-19? Learn how you can reconnect and revitalize education donors with iWave’s latest platform! Whether fundraising for basic school needs, the restoration of a building on campus,

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Webinar Recap: Lessons from a Comprehensive Campaign with Erin Moran

We kicked off October with a webinar from Erin Moran, Partner at the Solas Group (recently announced iWave partner) titled Lessons from a Comprehensive Campaign. In this webinar, Erin shared the experiences of those who have served on a campaign’s

Continued Innovation: Why Your Fundraising Intelligence Platform Should Grow with You

Over the last decade, technology has become more and more prevalent in our everyday lives. But in 2020, especially, we have come to realize that technology is crucial to our lives, our work, and how we stay connected. Technology is

Capital Campaign Guide and Tool
Better Understand Your Donors with iWave Screening

As the world of fundraising adapts to the many changes that 2020 has brought us, it’s helpful for nonprofit organizations to have tools that will grow and adapt with them so that they can operate at their most efficient level.