How to Use Research to Jumpstart Your Major Gift Program

The most cost-efficient fundraising programs have one thing in common: an effective strategy for securing major gifts. With three decades of experience in compiling the wealth, philanthropic, and biographical data needed for nonprofit organizations to maximize their donations, iWave has

How Do You Start a Planned Giving Program?

A planned giving program creates an opportunity for your organization to receive the major gifts it needs while also allowing donors to cement their legacy. So, how do you start a planned giving program? By deciding to create a planned

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Planned Giving Best Practices

When you’re creating, implementing, or growing your planned giving program, there are certain best practices that you should follow to ensure its success. These are: Identify the right donors Build a strong team Acknowledge your donors properly Market your program

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Two Things You Need to Consider When Creating a Major Gift Campaign

You know how valuable major gifts are for your organization. With a single major gift, you can fund an entire program, salaries for staff members, or a new building—all of which help you serve your organization’s mission even more effectively.

Webinar Q&A: Learning a New Way of Fundraising in a Pandemic

In part four of the Power Strategies webinar series with Robin Thompson, Robin interviewed Patti Anne Miller,  Director of Development at A Noise Within as she shared insights that she learned in the past year. As we know, working in

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The Benefits of Planned Giving

Whether your nonprofit already has a planned giving program in place or is considering developing one, it helps to have a clear idea of what planned giving means for both your organization and your donors. One of the best parts

Webinar Recap and Q&A with CCS Fundraising: 2021 Trends in Fundraising

In early March, we were excited to welcome Jose Barquin and Sarah Schmall from CCS Fundraising to present a webinar as part of our Nonprofit Thought Leadership Series. 2021 Trends in Fundraising: What Does the Data Say and What Does

Leverage Prospect Research to Fill Gaps in Your Donor Pyramid

Looking for ways to increase fundraising at your nonprofit? Enhancing your prospect research efforts is one of the best places to start. When was the last time you looked at your donor pyramid? If there are big gaps, consider using

Tips to Plan a Successful Capital Campaign
The Planned Giving Guide: Maximize Your Gifts

Looking for new ways to take your fundraising to the next level? Wondering how iWave can help you with these new facets of major gift giving? Then, you’ve come to the right place! There are many facets to a successful

Tips to Build Stronger Major Donor Relationships

Over the years, iWave has helped many nonprofit organizations of all sizes build stronger major donor relationships. Our fully customizable platform enables you to quickly and efficiently identify the insights that matter most for your organization, freeing up more time to