Here at iWave we’re passionate about what we do and believe that our prospect development solutions are second to none. We don’t like to brag, so we’ll let our customers do the talking. Check out the testimonials of a few of our valued customers.

Video Testimonials

The New School and iWave

Written Testimonials

Armen Boyajian, Director of Leadership Giving

Since starting with iWave, I’ve seen approximately $100,000 in new gifts from new major gift prospects – prospects that I would not have previously known. I believe the additions to iWave’s databases have increased my efficiency as a part-time researcher and major gift solicitor.”

Armen Boyajian, Director of Leadership Giving / Diocese of Charlotte

Dedan Brozino, Executive Director

We recently started a $40 million capital campaign. With iWave, I was able to gather and verify critical wealth and philanthropic information about a prospect that led to a $10 million gift from that individual. iWave’s research platform helped us get 25% of the way to our goal with that one prospect alone.”

Dedan Brozino, Executive Director / Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation


Mallory Lass, Senior Prospect Analyst

iWave is my go-to resource for prospect research. Not only is it a one-stop-shop when I have a request with a quick turnaround, but it is one of the only places I can consistently uncover email addresses. The interface is fantastic and nimble. I have been using this product for over three years and in that time they have rolled out a number of significant data enhancements. The iWave team is constantly trying to improve the product and that is something I can really get behind.”

Mallory Lass, Senior Prospect Analyst / UC Berkeley

Laura Shumate, Associate Director, Prospect Mgmt & Research

iWave is the first tool I use when researching a new individual, corporation or foundation. It’s fast, easy and very thorough. The control I get with PROscreen parameters greatly reduces my clean-up afterward (which is so awesome) and the individual tabs for each search helps me drill down quick and easy. There’s so much I can learn on the source of wealth and behaviors’ of our prospects, iWave really helps makes our strategies incredibly solid – which is vital when meeting new individuals.

Laura Shumate, Associate Director, Prospect Mgmt & Research / ArtCenter College of Design


Nicole Fonsh, Director Research & Prospect Mgmt

I have been using iWave for a few months but only just recently took advantage of PROscreen to screen the parents of our incoming students. I was blown away by how easy it was to upload my data and to quickly see results. Not only has it helped me to identify some great US prospects, but it has opened up a whole new world of prospects in Canada. I have found some real hidden gems that I would have possibly never found without an individual search on the hundreds of them. I cannot state enough how invaluable this product is to me and to the work I do. A win for everyone in my office!

Nicole Fonsh, Director Research & Prospect Mgmt / The New School

John Barrios, Development Analyst

iWave has tremendously increased our development capacity across all segments—individual, corporate, foundation, and now even workplace giving! iWave’s databases are extensive and accurate, and their 360 search makes creating prospect profiles seamless and intuitive. iWave is a well-designed, one-stop shop, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the development field.

John Barrios, Development Analyst / Hispanic Scholarship Fund


Katy Beth Cassell, Manager, Development

Once again, iWave is able to offer a quick, effective solution for my prospect research needs. The fact that I can instantly search for an industry and find relevant contacts (who also have high net worth and are philanthropic!) saves me and my team countless hours. I’ve never had a prospect research tool that is so customized to the exact needs of a fundraiser. I will sing iWave’s praises for as long as I’m in this industry!

Katy Beth Cassell, Manager, Development / First Book

Madison Eady, Development Research Analyst

I am a researcher for a large organization, and out of all the research products we use, iWave is by far my favorite. iWave’s layout is easy to navigate, and I could not be happier with the results when using iWave’s.

Madison Eady, Development Research Analyst / Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Stephen Swain, Senior Director of Research

I could not live without it! Compared to our other paid subscriptions, I find that iWave is by far the best value for the money.”

Stephen Swain, Senior Director of Research / Syracuse University

Katherine Scott

iWave is my go-to resource for research on individual prospects and donors. Not only does it kick-start my research on key people, it is highly useful for identifying new prospects when we are planning events.

Katherine Scott / Doctors Without Borders Canada


Mary Jamieson Dee

iWave is one of the best products we have. I’m always impressed by the robust amount of information. If all of my tools were taken away and I could have only one product, it would be iWave.”

Mary Jamieson Dee / University of North Florida

Bill Robbins

iWave is one of the most comprehensive and accurate research tools we’ve used. It is easier to query and has enabled us to reduce our research time and respond to requests more rapidly. It has already helped us identify new major gift prospects and new leadership prospects for our annual fund effort.”

Bill Robbins / Associate Director, Denison University


Suzanne Duncan

I believe iWave offers the best research results for the best value. I’ve used iWave in 3 small shops and it has helped us unearth many major gift prospects, saving us the cost of professional research fees. The simple interface, the variety of research tools, design, and handy features make this a time and money saver. And best of all – the data is always fresh and accountable. I recommend iWave to all my colleagues!”

Suzanne Duncan / Senior Manager, WoodGreen Community Services

Ellen Green

I used iWave for the first time and, after a bit of research, submitted a grant application to a foundation for funding consideration. We had never applied to this particular foundation before and were excited to receive notification that we had been awarded $10,000 for a capital project. I probably would not have applied to this particular foundation had I not had the benefit of iWave’s detailed funder profiles. Thanks so much!”

Ellen Green / Director of Fund Development, Camp He Ho Ha


Joan Sullivan

Thank you for such a terrific product. iWave is the first and sometimes the only resource I use when researching a prospect. It’s user-friendly, clear, concise and so much better than any other product out there. Thank you.”

Joan Sullivan / Connecticut College

Chris Norman, Director of Development

The intuitive nature of iWave is, perhaps, the best feature. Think it, click it, see it! Plus, it is so much more affordable than some of the other options I have used in my many years of prospect and donor research.”

Chris Norman, Director of Development / Trinity Lutheran Seminary


Dave Archuletta, Director of Development

After demoing alternative software, we ultimately decided to go with iWave. As a performing arts nonprofit organization, iWave has been invaluable as we assess the capacity of our current donors, ticket buyers, and personal contacts we meet in various networking or special events settings. The screening function has led us to new board members and major donor candidates.”

Dave Archuletta, Director of Development / New York Live Arts